Dissolution and dispersion of CMC products

Mix CMC directly with water to make a pasty glue for later use. When configuring CMC glue, first add a certain amount of clean water into the batching tank with a stirring device, and when the stirring device is turned on, slowly and evenly sprinkle CMC into the batching tank, stirring continuously, so that the CMC Fully integrated with water, CMC can fully dissolve.

When dissolving CMC, the reason why it should be evenly sprinkled and stirred continuously is to “prevent the problems of agglomeration, agglomeration, and reduce the amount of CMC dissolved when CMC meets water”, and to increase the dissolution rate of CMC. The time for stirring is not the same as the time for CMC to completely dissolve. They are two concepts. Generally speaking, the time for stirring is much shorter than the time for CMC to completely dissolve. The time required for the two depends on the specific situation.

CMC products1

The basis for determining the stirring time is: when the CMC is uniformly dispersed in the water and there are no obvious large lumps, the stirring can be stopped, allowing the CMC and water to penetrate and fuse with each other in a standing state. The stirring speed is generally between 600-1300 rpm, and the stirring time is generally controlled at about 1 hour.

The basis for determining the time required for CMC to completely dissolve is as follows:

(1) CMC and water are completely bonded, and there is no solid-liquid separation between the two;

(2) The mixed paste is in a uniform state, and the surface is flat and smooth;

(3) The color of the mixed paste is close to colorless and transparent, and there are no granular objects in the paste. From the time when CMC is put into the batching tank and mixed with water to the time when CMC is completely dissolved, the required time is between 10 and 20 hours. In order to produce quickly and save time, homogenizers or colloid mills are often used to quickly disperse products.

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