Paint grade CMC

Paint grade CMC

Paint grade CMC Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose is chemically modified with ether structure of cellulose derivatives, both have thickening, water retention, bonding, suspension stability, emulsifying dispersion, colloid protection and other properties.CMC have its good thickening, dispersity and stability, it can improve the viscosity and rheology of coatings, so it is widely used in various coatings, latex coatings, water-based exterior and interior coatings, casting coatings and so on.

Paint grade CMC Can be used as anti-sinking agent, emulsifier, dispersant, leveling agent, adhesive, can make the solid part of the coating evenly distributed in the solvent, so that the coating is not stratified for a long time.


Paint grade CMC can be used as a stabilizer to prevent paint separation due to rapid temperature changes

As a viscosity agent, Paint grade CMC can make paint state uniform, achieve ideal preservation and construction viscosity, and prevent serious delamination during storage.

Paint grade CMC can prevent dripping and hanging.

CMC solution has good transparency and less gel particles.

Typical properties

Appearance White to off-white powder
Particle size 95% pass 80 mesh
Degree of substitution 0.7-1.5
PH value 6.0~8.5
Purity (%) 97min

Popular grades

Application Typical grade Viscosity (Brookfield, LV, 2%Solu) Viscosity (Brookfield LV, mPa.s, 1%Solu) Degree of Substitution Purity
CMC For Paint CMC FP5000   5000-6000 0.75-0.90 97%min
CMC FP6000   6000-7000 0.75-0.90 97%min
CMC FP7000   7000-7500 0.75-0.90 97%min



1. CMC used in casting coating

CMC polymer compound, multistranded, after water swelling straight-chain open and interactive form a mesh stretching, colloid, in sodium base bentonite and its interaction, not only can improve the capacity of sodium base bentonite suspension, and can greatly reduce the precipitation agglomerate volume, at the same time prevent refractory powder sinking, therefore it is often used to increase the rate of casting coating suspension, At the same time improve the paint viscosity:

* Excellent water solubility and viscosity, effectively improve coating viscosity and rheology

* Good solubility and dispersion, so that the solid material suspended in the carrier liquid

* Promote the suspension of refractory powder to prevent precipitation, stratification and excessive infiltration of liquid carrier into molding materials

* Improve the coating and covering ability of the coating, improve the brushing and leveling of the coating

* The powder in the coating is bonded to each other after drying, and firmly adhered to the surface of the type and core


2. CMC used common paint

CMC with hydroxyl macromolecular chain hydration with water, while winding, thus increasing the viscosity of water phase, in water or organic solvents have good compatibility, and the compatibility of pigment is also good, and can greatly improve the viscosity and rheology of paint, in the paint industry often used as thickening agent, dispersant and stabilizer, The specific effects of CMC in the application of water-soluble coatings are as follows:

* Good water resistance and durability of coating film

* High film fullness, uniform film, can obtain highlights

* As a stabilizer, prevent coating separation due to rapid temperature changes;

* As a protective colloid, can maintain the stability of coating systems in a wide range of pH values

* As thickener can make coating uniform, achieve ideal preservation and construction viscosity, avoid serious stratification in storage period

* Improve coating leveling, improve coating splash resistance, flow resistance, so as to improve the construction performance of coating

* Can make pigment, filler and other additives evenly dispersed in the coating, so that the coating has excellent color attachment effect


3. CMC used in latex paint

Polymer latex coating is mainly composed of water medium and paint some composition, its viscosity paints on the subsidence property, besmear to brush, roller and the fullness of the membrane, and flowing property in membrane on the surface of a vertical flow impact have hung, so often need to viscosity and rheological property of latex coatings may be adjust, and CMC has good liquidity, in latex paint brush resistance is small, It is easy to construct and used as stabilizer, thickener and water retaining agent for latex coatings:

* Excellent thickening effect, high efficiency of latex coating thickening

* Can make the coating with a certain viscosity, in storage does not precipitate, and stability

* Can prevent water from rapidly entering porous substrate, so that the high content of emulsion can meet the requirements of water retention

* Less restrictions on coating formula, less affected by latex type, dispersants and surfactants

* When the coating is finished, the damage of water synthesis between CMC and water is terminated, and the viscosity is restored to prevent flow hanging.



Paint grade CMC Product is packed in three layer paper bag with inner polyethylene bag reinforced , net weight is 25kg per bag.

12MT/20’FCL (with Pallet)

14MT/20’FCL (without Pallet)



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